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How does it work

Understand how the purchase process with us works


step 1



Black Beard Design offers a great mix of products: jerseys for fishing, cycling, trail, soccer, among other sports. In a simple and fast way, you inform us which products are interested in making your personalization, through WhatsApp, tell us the model number, the quantity and how you would like to personalize your product.

Keyboard and Mouse

Step 2



Once your request is received, our team will contact you, returning with your budget, within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Image by Faizur Rehman

step 3


Once you and / or your team have approved our budget, we will begin the development / creation phase of your digital design. This phase is carried out as follows: You will give us the information you want to add in up to 2 models in our catalog, images of your logo in PNG / JPEG, if you do not have a logo, please quote with us, along with the numbering of the chosen model. Our team of graphic designers will develop and submit designs within 3 business days for approval for final approval. If there is no immediate approval of the submitted layout, and there is a need for changes, they will take place within 2 business days. Remember that this will be limited, up to a maximum of three changes.

Business handshake

Step 4


Bank transfer: 50% at the time of order and 50% at the time of withdrawal or before the shipment of the product, (we send photos of the product for better confidence), will be released after the confirmation of the total amount paid in the account . Credit card: To be paid in this mode we accept the total amount but if you choose the signal, the rest of the payment must be by deposit, transfer or cash at the time of withdrawal. It can be divided up to 12 times with little interest, which will be charged by your card operator itself, the amount of each installment is calculated at the time of the installment. We start production after clearing the advance payment and release the goods after clearing the remaining amount on account.

Tela Rolls fábrica

step 5


After final approval of your design, customization will move out of the realm of ideas to become a reality. It will go through the process of cutting the fabric, fingerprints of the prints, stamping process and later sewing. So that in a maximum of 10 days they are ready. After these processes, you will only have time to receive your merchandise by hand, and you and your partners will be ready to use in any sport, with high technology, comfort and quality, and best of all, with exclusive design! After your art is approved, we are not responsible for incorrect writing, missing information and / or any type of error. we follow exactly as approved, the colors of the mobile screen, tablet or computer, may undergo changes or even their perception, we always try to retain the maximum of colors, if you need a specific color, it is approved in physical part, in our manufacturers or even the sending of color samples, by photos or if necessary, by mail.

Máquina de coser

step 6

Manufacturing time

On average from 7 to 10 working days depending on the quantity, period of when to close the order and even our internal demand, taking into account the estimated time and not a rule, but at the time of negotiation we spend the exact estimated time to finish the production.

entrega Van

step 7


We ship to all of Peru taking into account the time of each type of transport, being a carrier, post office and other means, all types of transport are the responsibility of the buyer with the carrier, our responsibility is for the manufacture of the product.

Shipping by Olva Currier if you prefer another currier you will have to send it to our warehouse.

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